International Education
Study Opportunities

UC Education Students are packing their bags. From teaching in China and Japan, to Sport Coaching internships in Australia and teaching placements in Rarotonga, the opportunities are endless.
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Careers for UC Education

High employment rates for UC Education graduates

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Overseas Opportunities for UC Education graduates

Overseas Opportunities for
UC Education graduates

Some UC graduates seek employment opportunities through agencies which place teachers into positions around the world.
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Haile Hurring

Education Student heads to World Cup

New Zealand rugby player Haile Hurring heads to the World Cup in Paris with one eye on the rugby pitch and the other on her text books. Read more

Apply Now for 2015

Teaching and Sport Coaching

Applications are open for these programmes in 2015. Download your application form now!

Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Primary)

New 12 month Primary Teaching programme in 2014

Introduce children to the world of learning, and start them on their road to reading, writing and mathematics. It’s a rewarding and satisfying career where you can make a real difference in children’s lives.
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Sports Coaching

New Sports Coaching Programme in 2014

Blending practical application and theory, the new Sport Coaching qualification will provides students with essential skills that give you a range of career options.
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More Education

More Education

Discover what studying Education is like, what placements involve and hear how Susannah enjoyed learning to be an Early Childhood teacher at UC.

2014 UC Education Mud Run

2014 UC Education Mud Run

Absolute muddy magic. Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2014 UC Education Mud Run, on a stunning Sunday afternoon.

Canterbury secondary school students, you are amazing! 


UC Education News

The College of Education is an exciting, thriving place. Our students and staff accomplish an incredible range of achievements and our programmes offer a wide range of unique experiences. Click here to find out what’s going on at UC Education.

Prestige Lecture "Rethinking the Concept of Sexuality Education"

Associate Professor Louisa AllenWednesday, 17 Sept 4.00pm-5.00pm
Associate Professor Louisa Allen from the University of Auckland
What should be the content of sexuality education has been a longstanding social and educational debate. This discussion has generally centred on whether particular topics are age appropriate, teacher comfort and competency in delivering them and if issues will cause controversy/offense to some students and families. This presentation shifts focus away from the selection of knowledge within the official curriculum, to examine sexuality education in a more expansive sense. It draws attention to the ways in which meanings about sexuality are learned beyond the official curriculum and the importance of these spaces in terms of young people’s sexual development. To improve sexuality education, it is suggested that more attention be paid to these unofficial means of learning, and the way they establish the sexual cultures of schooling. Read more

New online summer course in Learning and Teaching Languages

The School of Teacher Education is currently going through the approval system to put on a summer course, EDEM681 Learning & Teaching Languages. This is a 30-credit 0.25 EFTS online Level 8 course, running from November 2014-February 2015. This course is suitable for language teachers or those who plan to teach languages, especially those who are teaching English as a second or foreign language or other languages without having a specialist language teaching teaching qualification, or those who qualified long ago or in a very different kind of educational system. Read more

UC Innovators’ Summer Start-Up Programme & Scholarships

Do you have a great idea and are keen to develop it towards reality? Or do you want to join a new venture and help move it forward? Then apply now to be part of the UC Innovators Summer Start-Up Programme. This is a 10 week programme designed to help students develop for-profit or social ventures. We support a range of ideas and new ventures – your idea does not need to be High-Tech or IT based. There are a number of scholarships available for students participating in the summer programme. The scholarships are open to any student currently enrolled at UC. Applications close – 5pm 15 September 2014. More information.

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