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The Bachelor of Health Sciences is a three-year undergraduate programme that is open to anyone interested in a career in health and public policy, public health, health management, health research and other non-clinical roles.

Students select their specialty from six majors, designed to provide graduates with specialised skills and knowledge. The Bachelor of Health Sciences brochure (PDF, 395KB) illustrates the core courses you must take for your degree, as well as a number of additional courses you can select to follow your interests and complete the degree requirements. Some courses will have prerequisites (courses you must complete first). For full details of the requirements for each major, see the Bachelor of Health Sciences brochure (PDF, 395KB).

To apply

The Bachelor of Health Sciences programme you will need to Apply to Enrol with the University Guide to enrolment.

The Bachelor of Health Sciences follows the University Academic Year with Semester One 2017 beginning Monday 20th February 2017. You can also start your Bachelor of Health Sciences in Semester Two, beginning Monday 17th July 2017.

Entry requirements

Entry to a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree is open to all students with University Entrance. While no particular school subjects are required to study Health Sciences, a background in biology and mathematics with statistics is recommended.

If you do not have this background, in order to enrol in some majors you may need to take preparatory courses and it could take longer to complete a major in that subject. The UC College of Science offers Headstart: Science and Academic Skills which may be of assistance for those wishing to gain more confidence in these subject areas.

Apply for postgraduate Health Sciences

UC has many postgraduate study options for those who have completed an undergraduate degree in health sciences or a related field. We offer postgraduate degrees in:

Please check each individual programmes for entry criteria.