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School of Educational Studies and Leadership

Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome to the School of Educational Studies and Leadership (EDSL)

In the School of Educational Studies and Leadership we investigate, and teach about, the most important and fundamental questions in education today in early childhood, primary and secondary schools, higher education, adult and community learning. To explore these issues, we draw on a wide range of expertise including psychology, history, philosophy, and sociology.

Announcements & News

Doctorate Announcement

Dr Nicola Surtees

2 May

Congratulations to Dr Nicola Surtees, Senior Lecturer School of Educational Studies and Leadership. Dr Surtees graduated in April from UC with a PhD. Her thesis was titled “Narrating Connections and Boundaries: Constructing relatedness in lesbian known donor familial configurations”.


New Year Honours for UC Professor

Adjunct Professor David Mitchell

4 January

Congratulations to Professor David Mitchell who has been awarded the honour of an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to education.

Dr David Mitchell is a world leader in the field of inclusive education and has held a wide range of international appointments, including various visiting professor and research fellow appointments, speaker at a range of international conferences, and various UNESCO consultancies.

Dr Mitchell’s UNESCO consultancies have primarily focused on inclusive education and the development of education for children with special needs in countries such as India, China, Thailand, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan among others. His book ‘What Really Works in Special Education: Using Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies’ (2008 and 2014) has been published in six languages and is in high demand. He has published more than 200 works across books, book chapters, journal articles and reports and has delivered more than 130 papers at conferences in New Zealand and internationally. He has been a long-standing member of the editorial boards of six international special education/disability journals. Within New Zealand he was appointed to the National Advisory Committee on Special Education, which steered the development and implementation of the foundation special education policy ‘Special Education 2000’. Dr Mitchell is currently Adjunct Professor at the University of Canterbury’s College of Education, Health and Human Development, and previously held various roles with the University of Waikato’s Educational Studies Department between 1969 and 2001.

High school Dragons' Den yields top ideasProfessor Billy O'Steen

During October four students enrolled in CHCH101 and a Teaching Assistant under the leadership of Assoc Professor Billy Osteen worked with 20 students at Hornby High School to assist them in developing social enterprise ideas. On Tuesday 1st November, this culminated in a Pitch It Competition with over $3000 of start up money from the Riccarton-Wigram Community Board up for grabs. Both the CHCH101 students and Hornby students did an awesome job and there will now be several cool ideas getting funding support! 

Read more in the Western News

Feeling Our Way: Working with Affect in Qualitative Research

Tuesday October 25 Read more Watch here

Presented by:

  • Professor Margaret WetherellProfessor Margaret Wetherell, School of Psychology, University of Auckland
    Feeling the Nation: Developing a Practice Approach to Affect and Emotion
  • Associate Professor Kathleen Quinlivan, School of Educational Studies and Leadership:
    Towards reconceptualising sexuality education encounters as affective becomings
  • Dr Lois Tonkin, School of Health Sciences:
    Messy work: Taking a psychosocial approach to affect and emotion
  • Shanee Barraclough, School of Health Sciences
    The material-discursive entanglements of tears for counsellors- in-training.

Get a head start on your degree

EDUC101, an introduction

Looking to get a head start on your degree, or finish one off? Study EDUC101 over Summer School and develop your capacity as a learner at the same time. Starting 4th January 2017 and running for just six weeks EDUC101 is available either on campus or by distance.

The course introduces students to the study of education with a focus on learning. It draws on a range of psychological and sociological approaches to educational theory and practice and explores how education shapes people's everyday lives. The course addresses questions such as: What do we know about learning? How do we learn? What’s political about learning? Watch more here

Sexualization of Childhood Debates and the Implications for Sexuality Education

Learning Sexualities at School: The Potential and Challenges of the new Sexuality Education Curriculum Guidelines

Thursday 6 October, 12 noon - 2 pm

The interdisciplinary seminar series brings together the health and education sectors – drawing on a range of disciplines, and working across theory and practice contexts each of the seminars will engage with a contemporary issue related to youth sexualities. A diverse range of panellists will briefly engage with the issues under discussion, and then the seminar will be open to questions from, and discussion with, the audience.

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Stockpiling pupils’ data jars with right to privacy

26 August, 2016

To assist transitions, the Ministry of Education is creating a centralised digital storehouse for school records. The project is designed to improve data management through more efficient electronic storage and transfer of information. The Ministry says it will provide "earlier and better information about student transfers". Principals have welcomed the opportunity to be ready to teach students the moment they arrive at their new school, knowing their level of schooling without what is described as the "wasted" time of retesting. However, big data systems are always prone to big blunders. Read more in the NZ Herald

Dr David Small is a lawyer, senior lecturer and associate dean of education at the University of Canterbury.

Distinguished Professor Niki DavisOnline schools advocates sceptical of governments bill

Distinguished Professor Niki Davis speaks to Morning Report

Listen here


Learning Sexualities at School:
The Potential and Challenges of the new Sexuality Education Curriculum Guidelines

Learning Sexualities at School: The Potential and Challenges of the new Sexuality Education Curriculum Guidelines

A broad range of participants from the Education, Health and Youth support sectors attended this free seminar on 3 June.

The panel included: Two High School students, Katie Fitzpatrick (Associate Professor in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland), Kathleen Quinlivan (Associate Professor in the College of Education, Health and Human Development at the University of Canterbury). Watch here

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