Frequently Asked Questions about Flexible Learning Options and Regional Study - College of Education, Health and Human Development - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

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Flexible Learning FAQ

How do I participate in a FLO (Flexible Learning Option) programme?

FLO courses are delivered via on-line teaching using the University Learning Management System Learn (Moodle). Only certain courses and Programmes are offered by FLO.

How much time will I need to devote to study?

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning

  • Full-time - 35 to 40 hours per week
  • Part-time - 17 to 20 hours per week

Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning

  • Full-time - 40 to 50 hours per week
  • Part-time - 20 to 25 hours per week

Students working in schools or Early Childhood centres during Professional Practice would normally be at school from before 8.30am until after 4.30pm.

Generally study time for a 15 point course equates to approximately 10 hours per week.

When will I receive any course materials?

Course Materials are provided free of charge on line only and are available on line 9 days prior to the start date of your course.

Who do I contact if I need help with my study?

Your lecturers are available via email and your Learn sites. The Academic Skills Centre can assist with study and/or assignment writing enquiries.

Who do I contact if I need help with a problem?

When things just aren’t quite right there is always someone to go to for help and advice. The College of Education, Health and Human Development Distance Learning Assistant, Maddy Glen (email or phone 0800 827 748 ext 93333), can be your first call if you need to discuss your options for assistance. Alternatively go to the Support site for student information.

Will any part of the course require on campus attendance?

Some FLO courses have an On-site Intensive requirement. You should check the Course Outline for details of the course, or contact the course coordinator.

Note: If you are enrolling in the BTchLn/Graduate Diploma Early Childhood or Primary there are requirements for on campus attendance. All students in these FLO programmes attend a two week On-site Intensive in February of the first year of study.

Do FLO students sit exams, and if so where?

Some FLO courses have assessment in the form of Exams (Examinations and tests requirements) (during the official examination periods – Mid-year June and End of Year October/November) or supervised tests at other times of the year.  If a course has an official exam or supervised test, you will have the choice to select three centres from the list.  The University will consider your preferences; however, has the final decision on the centre location. It is expected that you will travel up to 2.5 hours from your home address to the allocated centre.

The exam will be sat under exam conditions with a supervisor in attendance.

About three weeks before the exam, information is sent out about where and when the exam/test will be. Any restrictions on what not to bring are also advised. Photo ID is needed on attendance.

If you miss an examination there will be no opportunity to resit the exam. Consideration may be given in cases of exceptional circumstances which are deemed appropriate and approved by the Course Coordinator.

Once I am enrolled how soon can I start my study?

The Learn sites are available for access 9 days prior to the start date of your courses. Lecturers are under no obligation to interact or post up course work until the start date of the course. FLO students complete the same work as On-Campus students.

Can I change from Full-Time to Part-Time, or between On Campus and FLO?

Transfers between On-campus and FLO study, or between full-time and part-time study should be discussed with a Student Advisor. Such transfers are considered on a case by case basis with the Student Advisor, and are most appropriately undertaken between year levels. Transfers cannot be made in mid-semester. On-Campus students wishing to transfer to FLO should discuss this initially with their Student Advisor, or Year Level Coordinator.

Do FLO students need a Canterbury Card?

All students enrolled at the University of Canterbury should have a Canterbury Card that is valid for a period of five years. If you do not physically want a card you must still contact the University to confirm your permanent username and password. Phone 0800 827 748 and ask for ICT Servicedesk. Students cannot access the course Learn sites to start their study without a permanent username and password.