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Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences

UC's Health Sciences qualifications give health professionals, non-clinical members of the health workforce and others interested in the health sector or health issues the opportunity to examine critically a range of significant issues in health sciences, and where relevant to improve their professional practice. Many graduates continue to work within their health profession while others work in health-related fields, the social services, or local or central government.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences is an interdisciplinary programme; students complete advanced study in Health Sciences and other courses they can select from around the University’s other post-graduate offerings, choosing from courses in over twenty disciplines. Students follow a general programme, guided by their professional and inquiry-based interests, with approval by the Postgraduate Coordinator.

You can start in either February (Semester 1) or July (Semester 2). 

For specific information about 2017 courses, when you get to the general course page, please click on the red link for the course occurrence.


Semester 1

Semester 2

60 pts from the schedule

HLTH401 Health and Health Systems
(30 pts)

HLTH402 Health Information Management 
(30 pts)

HLTH430 Motivating Behaviour Change I
(30 pts)

HLTH403 Environmental Health (30 pts)

HLTH460 Critical Appraisal in Health Research (30 pts)

HLTH407 Bioethics
(30 pts)


HLTH409 Health and Culture
(30 pts)

  HLTH431 Motivating Behaviour Change 2 
(if previously taken HLTH430)
(30 pts)
  HLTH433 Bioethics A
(15 pts) (Term 3)
HLTH434 Bioethics B
(15pts) Term 4)

HLTH467 Mental Health and Addictions
(30 pts)

HLTH468 Acute and Long Term Health Care
(30 pts)

HLTH469 Health Issues in the Community
(30 pts)

HLTH462 Health Intervention Research Methods
(15 pts) (two semester course)

Part-time students would usually complete one or two courses per semester to total 30 points.

Full-time students would usually complete two to four courses per semester to total 60 points.

Please refer to individual course webpages for further details regarding course dates, workshops and other attendance requirements.