List of PhD Graduates - College of Education, Health and Human Development - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

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PhD Graduates and Theses

Completion year 2015

Dr Saleh Saeed Algarni

Thesis Title: Primary health care management of overweight and obese adults in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia : current status and potential quality improvement through the fit and minimally disruptive medical model.

Dr Isaac Buabeng

Thesis Title: Teaching and Learning of Physics in New Zealand High Schools
Supervisors: Professor Lindsey Conner, Dr David Winter

Dr Llyween Couper

Thesis Title: The communication choices of students with autism spectrum disorder who are nonverbal.
Supervisors: Dr Anne van Bysterveldt, Dr Dean Sutherland

Dr Lia de Vocht

Thesis title: Reconceptualising teacher-child dialogue in early years education: A Bakhtinian approach
Supervisor: Dr Kathleen Quinlivan

Dr Alison Farmer

Thesis title: A Community Based Participatory Research Approach to Create a Diabetes Prevention Documentary for Māori 

Romain Fiasson

Thesis title: Allophonic imitation within and across word positions

Dr Annette Guerin

Thesis title: 'The Inside View' Investigating the use of Narrative Assessment to Support Student Identity, Wellbeing, and Participation in Learning in a New Zealand secondary school.
Supervisor: Associate Professor Missy Morton

Dr Mazlina Che Mustafa

Thesis Title: Supporting Asian immigrant English language learners : teachers’ beliefs and practices.

Dr Amy Scott

Thesis Title: Intergenerational literacy engagement : literacy intervention for teenage mothers and their children.
Supervisors: Associate Professor Brigid McNeill, Dr. Anne van Bysterveldt

Dr Brad Harasymchuk

Thesis Title: Place-based education & critical pedagogies of place: teachers challenging the neocolonizing processes of the New Zealand and Canadian schooling systems.
Supervisor: Dr Richard Manning

Dr Bronwyn Lennox Thompson

Thesis Title: Living well with chronic pain : a classical grounded theory.
Supervisor: Dr Jeffery Gage

Dr Karey Meisner

Thesis Title: A Theory of Men’s Help-Seeking from Informal Others for Mental Wellbeing Problems

Dr Chris North

Thesis Title: A self-study of outdoor education in secondary teacher education
Supervisor: Professor Lindsey Conner

Dr Balsam Obaid

Thesis Title: Youth with type 1 diabetes: A study of their epidemiological and clinical characteristics, glycaemic control and psychosocial predictors, and an evaluation of the efficacy of Motivational Interviewing in improving diabetes management

Dr Melanie Riwai-Couch

Thesis Title: Puna kōrero: iwi and schools working together to support Māori student success
Supervisor: Professor Janinka Greenwood

Dr Mohammad Shamsuzzaman

Thesis Title: Perceptions and practices in learning and teaching second language writing in English : influences of backgrounds and language skills.
Supervisor: Professor John Everatt

Dr Arthi Veerasamy

Thesis Title: Epidemiology of dental caries and the level of oral health literacy among adolescents in rural and urban areas of Tamil Nadu, India.

Completion year 2014

Dr Osamah Almaghlouth                                 

Thesis title: A Case Study of X University: Potential implications for the Development of E-learning in Saudi Arabia            
Supervisors: Professor John Everatt, Professor Garry Hornby                                                                                   

Dr Trudy-Ann Barrett

Thesis title: Re-Marking places: an a/r/tography project exploring students' and teachers' senses of self, place and community.
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood, Dr. Richard Manning

Dr Eva Brown Hajdukova

Thesis title: Capturing the perspectives of students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties on their schooling experiences.
Supervisors: Professor Garry Hornby, Associate Professor Penni Cushman    

Dr David Raymond Brinson                                                      

Thesis title: Buddy-Motivational Interviewing (buddy-MI) to increase physical activity in community settings: A pragmatic randomised controlled trial
Supervisors: Associate Professor Ray Kirk, Dr Mark Wallace-Bell

Dr John Sinclair Calvert

Thesis title: Luck egalitarianism and educational equality. 

Dr Graeme Ferguson

Thesis title: 'I don't want to be a freak!' An Interrogation of the Negotiation of Masculinities in Two Aotearoa New Zealand Primary Schools.

Dr Colin Gladstone 

Thesis title: The search for a good life: young people with learning disability and the transition from school.                                   
Supervisors: Associate Professor Dr. Missy Morton, Professor Garry Hornby                                                  

Dr Chris Jansen 

Thesis title: Leadership development through appreciative inquiry : complexity thinking in the non-government (NGO) sector.
Supervisors: Associate Professor Lindsey Conner

Dr Christopher McMaster

Thesis title: Finding a 'shady place' : a critical ethnography of developing inclusive culture in an Aotearoa New Zealand school            
Supervisors: Associate Professor Dr. Missy Morton, Associate Professor John Freeman-Moir

Dr Feruz Mohammed                                          

Thesis Title: Effects of a tailored incredible years teacher classroom management programme on    ADHD symptoms and literacy performance of school children with ADHD in Addis Ababa       

Dr Abdullah Mohd Nawi

Thesis title: Applied Drama in English Language Learning
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood, Professor John Everatt

Dr Hasniza Nordin

Thesis title: Pre-service teachers' TPACK and experience of ICT integration in schools in Malaysia and New Zealand              
Supervisors: Professor Niki Davis

Dr Kofi Acheaw Owusu

Thesis title: Assessing New Zealand high school science teachers' technological pedagogical content knowledge.
Supervisors: Professor Lindsey Conner, Dr. Chris Astall        

Dr Caralyn Purvis

Thesis title: Determining and supporting the reading comprehension and metalinguistic abilities of undergraduate pre-service teachers.
Supervisor: Associate Professor Brigid McNeill

Dr Elizabeth Ray                                                

Thesis title: The experience of hearing siblings when there is a deaf child in the family.
Supervisors: Dr Dean Sutherland, Associate Professor Dr. Billy O’Steen     

Dr Filipe Santos

Thesis title: Education and the boarding school novel : examining the work of José Régio

Dr Catherine Ann Solomon

Thesis title: It's numbers and that's it: An exploration of children's beliefs about mathematics through their drawings and words  

Dr Faye Stanley

Thesis title: Re-Framing Traditional Arts: Creative Process and Culturally  Responsive Learning                           
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood, Associate Professor Dr. Billy O’Steen   

Dr Petria Beryl Thoresen                                                                      

Thesis title: The effects of interviewing on the comfort levels of children with varying levels of sensitivity to questions that touch on their felt security and perceptions of being in kinship care: A Pilot Study
Supervisors: Associate Professor Michael Tarren-Sweeney, Dr. Jeffrey Gage

Dr Louise Tapper

Thesis title: 'Being in the World of School'. A Phenomenological Exploration of Experiences for Gifted and Talented Adolescents
Supervisor: Dr  Jane Abbiss

Dr Bao Tran-Cao

Thesis title: An Exploratory Study of Attitudes toward Bilingual Education in Gia Lai province of Vietnam                           
Supervisors: Professor John Everatt, Professor Janinka Greenwood      

Dr Susan Tull

Thesis title: Enabling e-learning professional development through a blended community of online practice
Supervisor: Distinguished Professor Niki Davis

Dr Gaye Tyler-Merrick

Thesis title: Screening for Antisocial Development
Supervisor: Associate Professor Michael Tarren-Sweeney

Completion year 2013

Dr Betsy Arrington-Tsao

Thesis title: Unraveling the Tapestry of the Study Abroad Experience: An Investigation of the Role of Self-Identified Goals and Motivations in University Students                                      
Supervisors: Associate Professor Dr. Billy O’Steen, John Davies     

Dr Odile Andrine Comarmond

Thesis title: Exploring commitment of secondary teachers in Seychelles                                                  
Supervisors: Dr Jane Abbiss, Dr Susan Lovett    

Dr Tabitha Dickson                                                       

Thesis title: Effect of ability, ascent style, and route type on psychological and physiological markers in rock climbing
Supervisors: Associate professor Nick Draper   

Dr Simon Fryer                                    

Thesis title: Physiological and psychological contributions to on-sight rock climbing, and the haemodynamic responses to sustained and intermittent contractions                                                                                      
Supervisors: Dr Nick Draper     

Dr Emma Goodall                                             

Thesis title: Five teachers talk about contextual factors involved in teaching students on the autistic spectrum (AS) – a case study
Supervisors: Associate Professor Dr. Missy Morton, Dr Dean Sutherland, Dr Jane McChesney   

Dr Keqi Liu                                

Thesis title: Conscientization and the Cultivation of Conscience                                              
Supervisors: Professor Peter Robert, Dr Baljit Kaur, Helen Hayward

Dr Amir Sadeghi

Thesis title: Towards a universal model of reading investigations into Persian monolingual and English-Persian bilingual speakers     
Supervisors: Professor John Everatt, Associate Professor Brigid McNeill       

Dr Annie Soutter Horton

Thesis title: What does it mean to be well in schools? an exploration of multiple perspectives on student wellbeing in a New Zealand secondary school context                                             
Supervisors: Associate Professor Dr. Billy O’Steen, Associate Professor Alison Gilmore                                 

Dr Christoph Teschers

Thesis title: Education and the Art of Living                             
Supervisors: Professor Peter Roberts, Dr. Kathleen Quinlivan                   

Dr Sorada Wattana                               

Thesis title: Talking while playing: the effects of computer games on interaction and willingness to communicate in English.
Supervisors: Professor Niki Davis      

Dr Judith Airini Williams                                                        

Thesis title: What makes feedback work for primary school students? An investigation of the views of some Year 8 students.            Supervisors: Associate Professor Alison Gilmore, Dr Alex Gunn                       

Dr Stuart Wise

Thesis title: Variations on the Loops: An investigation into the use of digital technology in music education in secondary schools       
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood, Dr Mick Grimley           

Completion year 2012

Dr Karyn Carson                                              

Thesis title: Efficient and Effective Classroom Phonological Awareness Practices to Improve Reading Achievement
Supervisors: Professor Gail Gillon , Dr Therese Boustead           

Dr Tracey-Lynne Cody

Thesis title: Drama education in New Zealand schools: the practice of six experienced drama teachers
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood, Dr. Patrick Shepherd

Dr Kata Fulop                                        

Thesis title: Reverse chameleon in the Kiwi jungle:Identity construction of Pasifika theatre makers                                 
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood , Alan Scott

Dr Joyce Gikandi                                               

Thesis title: Online Formative Assessment in Higher Education: Enhancing Continuing Teacher Education in E-Learning
Supervisors: Professor Niki Davis, Professor John Everatt                   

Dr Jennifer Hindin-Miller

Thesis title: Re-storying identities: Young women's narratives of teenage parenthood and educational support

Dr Hassan Ibrahim                                    

Thesis title: From Warzone to Godzone: Towards a new Model of Communication and collaboration Between schools and Refugee families.
Supervisors: Dr. David Small, Dr. Michael Grimley

Dr Isabel Jamieson

Thesis title: What are the views of Generation Y New Zealand Registered Nurses towards nursing, work and career?

Dr Sonja Macfarlane

Thesis title: In Pursuit of Culturally Responsive Evidence Based Special Education Pathways in Aotearoa New Zealand: Whaia ki te ara tika
Supervisors: Dr Dean Sutherland, Professor Gail Gillon        

Dr Nor Shidrah Binti Mat Daud

Thesis title: Developing critical thinking skills in tertiary academic writing through the use of an instructional rubric for peer evaluation.

Dr Samantha Nanayakkara                                    

Thesis title: Olympism in practice: an evaluation of the effectiveness of an Olympism education programme to resolve conflicts between primary school students in Sri Lanka                                                            
Supervisors: Dr. Jane McChesney, Associate Professor Ian Culpan     

Dr April Perry

Thesis Title: Treading through swampy water: Graduates' experiences of the post-university transition

Dr Alice Su Chu Wong

Thesis title: An Investigation of the Predictors of L2 Writing Among Adult ESL Students 

Completion year 2011

Dr Jo Fletcher                                        

Thesis title: The wider systemic conditions that support reading for 11 to 13 year-old students.                                                         
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood, Dr Michael Grimley                         

Dr Monica Gowan                                           

Thesis title: Self-Management of Disaster Risk and Uncertainty: The Role of Preventive Health in Building Disaster Resilience
Supervisors: Associate Professor Ray Kirk, Professor Jeff Sloan     

Dr Hanin Hussain                                  

Thesis title: Complicity in games of chase and complexity thinking: Emergence in curriculum and practice-based research  
Supervisors: Dr Lindsey Conner, Dr Elaine Mayo     

Dr Bernadette Macartney                             

Thesis title: Disabled by the Discourse: Two families’ narratives of inclusion, exclusion and resistance in education
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Missy Morton, Nicola Surtees, Dr Kerry Purdue

Dr Laura-Lee McLay

Thesis title: A study of teaching strategies that facilitate stimulus generalisation in children with autism

Dr Lane Perry                                       

Thesis title: A Naturalistic Inquiry of Service-Learning in New Zealand University Classrooms: Determining and Illuminating the Impact on Student Engagement                                       
Supervisors: Dr. Billy O’Steen, Dr. Pete Cammock   

Completion year 2010

Dr Carolyn Cairns                    

Thesis title: In pursuit of excellence: uncovering the knowledge, philosophies, and expert practice of the classical ballet master.  
Supervisors: Associate Professor Judi Miller, Dr. Susan Lovett      

Dr Franziska Gallrach

Thesis title: Quality of Life of People with Dementia and their Informal Caregivers - A Clinical and Economic Analysis in New Zealand     
Supervisors: Associate Professor Ray Kirk, Professor Andrew Hornblow    

Dr Wesley Gray

Thesis title: A discursive study of models of emotion in teaching and learning science                                        
Supervisors: Dr Lindsey Conner, Dr. Veronica O’Toole

Dr Ray Hidayat             

Thesis title: Texture-boundary detection in real-time                                              
Supervisors: Dr. Richard Green, Associate Professor R. Mukundan

Dr David Irwin

Thesis title: Weaving the threads of education for sustainability and outdoor education                                                           
Supervisors: Dr. David Small, Dr Anne Scott,

Dr Margaret MacDonald         

Thesis title: Elwyn Richardson and The Early World of Art Education in New Zealand                                                
Supervisors: Professor Janinka Greenwood, Dr John Freeman-Moir

Dr Huiping Ning

Thesis title: An Investigation of the Use of Cooperative Learning in Teaching English as a Foreign Language with Tertiary Education Learners in China                                        
Supervisors: Professor Garry Hornby

Dr Kyle Perrin            

Thesis title: High concentration oxygen therapy in acute respiratory disease                                                  
Supervisors: Professor Ian Town: Professor Richard Beasley

Dr Marilyn Raffensperger

Thesis title: Facilitating positive counselling outcomes for clients with an intellectual disability                                            
Supervisors: Professor Bob Manthei, Professor Garry Hornby, Associate Professor Anne Bray    

Dr Dale Sheehan

Thesis title: Learning and supervision in internship: a sociocultural framework for understanding learning and supervision in medical internship.                                      
Supervisors: Associate Professor Ray Kirk, Professor David Boud

Dr Annie Southern

Thesis title: Career, Interrupted?: Psychiatric illness and Women's Career Development in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Supervisors: Associate Professor Judi Miller, Dr Helen Hayward

Completion year 2009

Dr Julie Hardie

Thesis title: New Opportunities or difficult challenges? Self-regulation of learning in Chinese students in a western university setting.      
Supervisors: Jane Robertson, Dr Billy O’Steen, Professor Garry Hornby           

Completion year 2008

Dr Yasuko Okamura

Thesis title: Clearing cultural clutter: Experiences of Japanese native speaker teachers teaching Japanese in New Zealand
Supervisors: Associate Professor Judi Miller, Associate Professor Edwina Palmer

Dr Marie-Thérèse Pahud

Thesis title: The coping processes of adult refugees resettled in New Zealand.

Completion year 2007      

Dr Azidah Abu Ziden

Thesis title: Personal Learning in Online Discussions                                                   
Supervisors: Dr. Billy O’Steen, Dr. Elaine Mayo  

Dr Fleur  Harris            

Thesis title: (Re)-Constructing Māori Children as Achieving Learners.                                                     
Supervisors: Dr Baljit Kaur, Helen Hayward

Completion year 2006

Dr Helen Margaret Gibson                               

Thesis title: The Invisible Whiteness of Being: the place of Whiteness in Women's Discourses in Aotearoa/New Zealand and some implications for Antiracist Education                                                       
Supervisors: Dr. Elody Rathgen, Dr. Jessica Johnston

Dr Kyle McWilliams               

Thesis title: An analysis of variables affecting instructional efficiency                                              
Supervisors: Dr. John Church, Dr. Kathleen Liberty

Completion year 2005

Dr Jane Abbiss

Thesis title: IT is a gender thing, or is it? Gender, curriculum culture and students' experiences of specialist IT subjects in a New Zealand High School                                                
Supervisors: Dr Jean McPhail,  Dr Vince Ham

Dr Katherine Allan             

Thesis title: Conceptualising Social Space in Cyberspace: A Study of the Interactions in Online Discussion forums       
Supervisors: Dr. Jean McPhail, Dr. Victor Chen

Dr Suzanne Collins

Thesis title: "Excuse me, do we put a border around it?" - the culture of learning that provides opportunities for students to learn or not learn in middle school classrooms                                                      
Supervisors: Dr Jean McPhail, Associate professor Bob Manthei

Dr Susan Mossman

Thesis title: What works with youth? : an evaluation of the adventure development counselling programme.                    
Supervisors: Associate professor Bob Manthei, Dr Judi Miller 

Dr Veronica O’Toole

Thesis title: The role of emotion in children's learning task engagement in the elementary school classroom.                                           
Supervisor: Professor Ken Strongman

Completion year 2004

Dr Silipa Silipa

Thesis title: "Fanaafi o fa'amalama" : a light within the light : nurturing coolness & dignity in Samoan students' secondary school learning in Aotearoa/New Zealand.                                            
Supervisors: Professor Graham Nuthall,  Dr Neemia Mackenzie         

Completion year 2003

Dr Margaret Bradford

Thesis title: "Learning To Sell Yourself": A Qualitative Critique of Neo-vocationalism as a School-business Partnership.

Dr Ruth Boyask

Thesis title: Salvaging practice from the remnants of twentieth century art education in New Zealand.                                                         
Supervisors: Dr Elody Rathgen, Dr Jean McPhail

Dr Jane Harrison

Thesis title: Negotiating motherhood identity : representations, resistance and regulation.

Dr Lorraine McAlpine Petelo

Thesis title: Fa'alogo i leo o le fanau : a qualitative study of the ways in which students of Samoan background experience their education within the University of Canterbury.

Dr Elaine Mayo

Thesis title: Toward collective praxis in teacher education: Complexity, pragmatism and practice 

Dr Hazel Phillips

Thesis title: Te reo karanga o ngā tauria Māori : Māori students : their voices, their stories at the University of Canterbury, 1996-1998.  
Supervisors: Dr Baljit Kaur, Dr Jean McPhail

Dr Mesake Rawaikela Dakuidreketi

Thesis title: Contexts of science teaching and learning in Fiji primary schools : a comparative study of ethnic Fijian and Indo-Fijian communities.

Dr Prudence Robertson

Thesis title: Research and teaching in a community of inquiry.

Dr Ria Natalia Schroder

Thesis title: From "I had a big grin on my face" to "I'd rather be eating McDonalds" : recognising the diversity and complexity of teenage girls' experiences of sexual intercourse.

Note: This list was last updated January 2016.