Abdullah Mohd Nawi

Abdullah Mohd Nawiabdullah.mohdnawi@pg.canterbury.ac.nz


Bachelor of Education (Hons)
Master of Education

PhD Project Title

Applied Drama in English Language Learning


Professor Janinka Greenwood
Professor John Everatt

Expected Completion of PhD

December 2013


I am working towards developing the emerging field of Applied Drama in English Language Learning (ADELL). I have various interests in a few fields concerning language. Among them would be historical linguistics, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, ESL teaching and teacher training, and drama in education. The emerging field of Applied Drama in English Language Learning is of particular interest to me as it combines the best elements of my two passions - drama and language. The main methodologies that I have chosen for my PhD study are practitioner-based research, action research and case study.

Research Interests

Applied Drama in English Language Learning; Drama in education; English Language Learning


Nawi, A. M. (2011, May 1). My Trial by Fire: Two Earthquakes and 5000 Aftershocks Later. Postgrad Schools of Education, New Zealand Education Review.

Nawi, A. M. (2008) The Holistic Approach: Using Drama in the Secondary ESL Classroom. In Mohd Omar, N. A. and Zainal, Z. (eds) Research in English Language Teaching. Skudai: Penerbit UTM.