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Karna Rana

Karna Ranakarna.maskirana@pg.canterbury.ac.nz


Master of Arts in Education (MA), University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Master of Education in English (M.Ed), Tribhuvan University, Nepal

PhD Project Title

 In-service Teachers’ ICTs Practice in Rural Primary Schools in Nepal


Prof. Janinka Greenwood,
Dr Wendy Fox-Turnbull
Dr Stuart Wise

Expected Completion of PhD



Country of Origin: Nepal

There are rural primary schools in Nepal where the teachers have been using digital technologies in their teaching and learning activities. The Ministry of Education in Nepal has made policy of using ICTs in instructional activities in the schools and launched ‘One laptop per child’ programme in hundreds of schools that started in 2008. One university has recently introduced new syllabus for Four-year bachelors in education programme that has one core module called ‘ICT in Education’.

This study will explore how the teachers are trained to use digital technologies and given responsibility of using the digital technologies in the teaching and learning activities. I would like to see their practice of ICTs in their classrooms and explore their knowledge of ICTs, pedagogy and contents. Definitely one of the challenges for teacher the major earthquake in April 2015 impact on the use of those technologies will be explored. What sort of impact on their use of ICTs and what alternative ways the teachers have followed to overcome the challenge will be explored. The findings will be critically analysed and the outcomes hope to suggest better ways of teaching and learning in the coming days.

Research Interests

ICT in Education
Digital technology and inclusive classroom management
Emerging digital technology, language, socio-cultural and economic development


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