Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed - Phd Student Profile - College of Education, Health and Human Development - University of Canterbury

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Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed

Mazharuddin Syed


MS Architectural Engineering

PhD Project Title

(Under Development) Framework to Integrate Smartphones and Tablets for Effective m-Learning in Engineering Education using Technology Acceptance Model


Professor John Everatt
Wendy Fox Turnbull

Expected Completion of PhD



Educational Technologies, Engineering Education, Graphic Design, CAD and Architectural Visualization

Research Interests

Mobile Learning


Potential Use of Smartphone for Teaching, Reporting, Communicating and Monitoring in Physical Education. "International Journal of Health, Education and Computer Science in Sports". Volume No.4, No.1 pp 56-59.

Potential use of Smartphones to Measure Physical Fitness Components by Department of Physical Education in King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia, "World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology" (Under Review).