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Sibi Boycott Noel Walter



Master degree in Sports Science- Lund University (Faculty of Medicine), Sweden.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy- The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, India.
Diploma in Acupuncture- Indian Acupuncture Training Centre, India.

PhD Project Title

Shoulder injuries among New Zealand Cricket pace bowlers


Dr. Carl Petersen
Dr. Arindam Basu

Expected Completion of PhD

Dec 2018


Country of Origin: India

Background: Researcher Sibi Boycott a qualified physiotherapist from Chennai, India, home of Chennai Super Kings is leading a study on shoulder injuries among New Zealand Cricket pace bowlers, his study will explore the number of New Zealand pace bowlers who have been injured and how long their injuries have kept them out of the game, as well as comparing the shoulder strengthening regimes of pace bowlers and competitive swimmers.


Research Interests

Cricket injury prevention
Sports Physiotherapy
Sports Injury surveillance and prevention


Walter S & Petersen C (2015) Cricket pace bowler injuries: A systematic literature review and suggestions for prevention (The 5th World Congress of Science and Medicine in Cricket 2015- Sydney Australia).