Mohammad Tariq Habibyar - PhD Student Profile - College of Education, Health and Human Development - University of Canterbury

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Mohammad Tariq Habibyar



Masters in Leadership in Higher Education
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

PhD Project

Hegemonic Forces Influencing Education in Afghanistan and Methods of Resistance of Afghan Educational Activists

A glance at the traumatic history of Afghanistan shows that any political or tribal group that came to power exercised a specific agenda for what learning and teaching in schools in Afghanistan should look like. Examination of a significant literature on Afghanistan’s education suggests that such agendas favoured the interests and ideologies of the parties in power which resulted in very poor quality of education in the country and the lack of engagement of schools in promoting social order, social justice, and equality. My personal experience as an educator in Herat Afghanistan and my  readings on the history of education in Afghanistan inspired me to examine what significant hegemonies influence education in Afghanistan and  in what ways they might inhibit curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in the learning and teaching process?

I use narrative inquiry as a method and phenomenon in this study. Storytelling is an indigenous and ancient method of communication in Afghanistan which has existed for centuries. 


Professor Letitia Fickel
Professor Janinka Greenwood

Expected Completion of PhD



I have worked for a number of years with the international organizations like the USAID, Doctors without Borders, World Vision International, UNFAO, War-Child UK, and a few other international organizations. I have experience in business and degree in education and I wish to combine both fields to provide equal educational opportunities for the girls and boys in Afghanistan. For that reason I have founded a none-profit through a University of Canterbury Innovator’s scholarship called ‘Aida Children’s Fund’.

Research Interests

Civics and Citizenship Education


A thesis on Civics and Citizenship Education in Schools in Afghanistan published on Afghanistan Higher Education Portal and presented at the Center for International Education of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

A research paper on "Decentralization of Afghanistan Higher Education system" presented at the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) in South Carolina, USA.