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Research Lab for Creativity and Change

The Research Lab for Creativity and Change engages in national and international research that uses a range of creative, critical and participatory processes to explore and effect educational change.

We are a richly diverse group of academics and research students. Our home is in the College of Education, Health and Human Development but extends beyond its walls and includes colleagues from our national and international networks.

Currently our thematic interests include:

  • creativity in learning;
  • creating change for Maori and Pasifika in education
  • creating change in education in international contexts
  • participatory action research, reflective practice and arts- based research .

Our broad field is grounded in practice, aspirations, social realities, and cultural values. This field is a complex and changing one, calling for methodologies that themselves are responsive and continuously evolving.

We benefit from and build on collaborations with other labs within the College as well as partnerships in our communities and cross-nationally. We welcome collaborations with researchers who use a range of creative, critical and collaborative strategies for facilitating and investigating learning and change.

Our achievements and projects are detailed in links to the right.

We currently have doctoral and other research that explores:

  • Using creative processes to develop critical literacy and agentic citizenship
  • Examining how community engagement can improve educational outcomes
  • Exploring how schools can create learning communities for change
  • Investigating the work of teachers and schools
  • Investigating the roles of parents and communities in education
  • Using visual art making to explore identity and a sense of place
  • Using arts to develop a culturally responsive and inclusive pedagogy
  • Examining how leading drama teachers interpret and use the curriculum
  • Examining how music teachers and their students use technology
  • Implementing and guiding curriculum change in several international contexts.
  • Exploring relationships between knowledge, creativity and responsible citizenship
  • Exploring leadership for change
  • Investigating the importance of indigenous languages in education
  • Developing narratives of identity and criticality  

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For more information contact Professor Janinka Greenwood