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Education History Research Hub

Research that will be - and is being - conducted within this hub focuses on the study of educational debates, controversies, policies, and practices from a variety of historical perspectives. In essence, historical scholarship is to be utilised in this research hub as a 'lever' for investigating or interrogating contemporary and past educational ideologies and activities. 

Research work within this hub can cover topics as diverse and as specialised as the following: Post-primary schooling policies and practices; Junior, high, intermediate, and middle schooling strategies; Vocational, trade, and technical education and training; Rural schooling; Teacher education policies - location and control; Primary and post-primary school qualifications; Church and state relations in education - with reference to state, state integrated, and private/independent schools; Maori schooling policies; Historical relationships between primary and post-primary institutions; General education and democratic schooling philosophies and practices (e.g., comprehensive, common school, or multilateral schooling arrangements), and historical and contemporary issues associated with universities.    

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