SITE International Symposium 2014 - College of Education, Health and Human Development - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

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SITE International Symposium 2014:
Future focused teacher education

Inspiring with digital technologies

The SITE international symposium was held on 28th and 29th April as a regional conference of the international Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE) in association with the Teacher Education Forum Aotearoa New Zealand (TEFANZ) and the New Zealand association for open, flexible and distance learning (DEANZ). The symposium was hosted by the University of Canterbury e-Learning Lab directed by Distinguished Professor Niki Davis.

The symposium showcased leading research and practice, and attracted educators who wished to learn more about, and enhance policy and practice with, digital technologies in education, particularly teacher education.

Download the Full SITE Symposium Programme (PDF, 6MB)

Outcomes from the symposium will be disseminated and further developed at SITE and TEFANZ conferences and used to inform strategic policy developments in New Zealand and the 2014 EduSummIT, associated with UNESCO, Bangkok.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dorothy Burt, an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher, provides a future focus for initial teacher education drawing on her role as eLearning team leader at Point England School and facilitator of the Manaiakalani cluster in Auckland.
  • Dr David Gibson, Vice President of SITE, founder of simSchool and Global Challenge, director of Learning Engagement at Curtin University. David focuses on complex modeling of education and the future of learning, including initial teacher education in the USA, Australia and overseas.

Symposium related sites:

  • Learning network NZ
    The Learning Network NZ is one of New Zealand’s most trusted and innovative providers of professional learning. They offer world-class learning experiences, support services and resources to teachers around the country giving teachers, schools and communities nationwide access to some of the most up to date thinking, research and educational expertise available today.
  • Manaiakalani Blog
    In 15 years: Death of the essay? This is just one of the topics on this very interesting blog.
    As Dorothy Burt says - "For a number of years we have been aware that carefully chosen, cutting edge technologies can be used as a powerful hook to lure our students into engaging with the curriculum. Manaiakalani (the name given to Maui's fish hook) was formed from our cluster of schools which are all Decile 1a. So the symbolism of a powerful AND effective hook was adopted for our project to raise student achievement outcomes and increase engagement in literacies through eLearning integration. The blog talks more about what the hooks are and how we are trying to identify them, but early findings seem to indicate that they are a combination of compelling technologies and the knowledge of an authentic audience."  
  • Point England School
    This decile 1 school has a strong focus on eLearning. Their website immediately links you to their blogs, twitter, SchoolTV and media reviews. Their Class Sites are full of innovative workspace photos and you can can see how they have embraced their 'Learn, Create, Share' framework for learning. It's full of great ideas and inspiration for teaching years 0-8.
  • simSchool – classroom simulation
    simSchool is a classroom simulation that supports the rapid accumulation of a teacher's experience in analyzing student differences, adapting instruction to individual learner needs, gathering data about the impacts of instruction, and seeing the results of their teaching. simSchool is like a "flight simulator" for educators - a place where instructors can explore instructional strategies, examine classroom management techniques, and practice building relationships with students that will translate into increased learning.
    Interested in trying your hand at teaching and learning more about simSchool? With simschoolLITE you are just a few clicks away from managing your own simClassroom. Launch the app and start experimenting with simSchoolLITE.
  • Resources from DEANZ conference
    Their recent conference theme was Open, Flexible and Distance Education:Where is the E in engagement? The programme encouraged shared practice, and critical and constructive perspectives on open, flexible and distance education at all educational levels, and in the broader training sector. Key conversations took place related to the application of technology to education, blended teaching and learning, and instructional design. This website provides access to conference keynotes, recommended websites and the presentation Using a concerns based adoption model for professional development.
  • Pond, the Network for Learning Portal
    Pond is a place where educators can discover content and services, share knowledge and engage with their peers.
    • See what’s new & relevant - The teaching community is doing amazing things but being scattered across the country, it often goes unseen; Pond makes it easy to follow your interests to discover what others are sharing.
    • Share what works - Users across the country can quickly enrich any catalogue item with learning ideas, suitability, discussion, and reviews; this makes it really easy to discover content and services trusted by others.
    • Easy contributions - They know you don’t have much time so adding items to the catalogue is super easy – just drop a link or file on the screen. To make sure it looks good, Pond will even grab a screen shot of the web link for you.