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Bachelor of Arts (Education)

Everybody, from parents to politicians, has a view of education. What distinguishes students of education is that their views are based on an understanding of the best educational scholarship and research.

Angie's  BA Internship Placement
Angie Petty's BA Internship Placement

Education is a field of critical inquiry that draws on a range of disciplines. It addresses questions about how people learn and the role of education in human societies. If you are interested in any of the questions below, Education could be the subject for you.

  • How can we motivate students to learn and enjoy school?
  • How can we best provide for and promote child and adolescent well-being?
  • How are growing social inequalities in New Zealand affecting education, and what can be done about it?
  • What role can education play in creating social change?
  • What is the role of education in producing citizens who are "prepared to make a difference"?
  • How can you tell if an educational intervention works?

Netsy's  BA Internship Placement
Netsy Habte's BA Internship Placement

Getting your BA in Education

Students have a wide variety of stimulating Education courses to choose from. See the list of courses below for more details.

At 300 level, Education students also have the option of incorporating an internship into their degrees. Recent internships have seen Education students obtain some interesting placements, including:

  • The Christchurch Arts Council
  • Ngai Tahu’s Aoraki Bound
  • Imagination Station Lego Play Centre
  • Katie's BA Internship Placement
    Katie Barlow's BA Internship Placement

    Two local schools (not as teachers!), Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery and Burnside High School
  • Rainbow Early Learning Centre
  • Canterbury Migrants Centre Trust.

An Education BA takes you everywhere!

Our aim is to ensure that a BA graduate in Education has the right blend of knowledge, skills and dispositions to move their life positively in whatever area they choose. Our graduate profile details what we see as the model of an Education graduate.

Recent graduates of our BA degree have been able to apply themselves purposefully in a range of ways. In 2014, students graduating with a BA in Education from UC have been appointed to positions with the Auckland City Art Gallery and the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.  

Profiles of two recent graduates with a BA in Education.

Education courses within the Bachelor of Arts

BA Education
Welcome to the BA

BA Students can take Education as a Major or Minor. Students who major in Education can also progress to do a Masters or Doctorate in Education. Individual Education courses can also be chosen in combination with other degrees.

Three introductory Education courses are offered across the year. All of these are now offered by distance (Flexible Learning Options). Below, there is a full list of Education courses in the BA.

100 level courses:

  • EDUC101 Learning (Summer School Campus and Distance)
  • EDUC102 Child and Adolescent Development and Health (Semester One and Distance)
  • EDUC103 Social and Cultural Studies in Education (Semester One and Distance)
EDUC101, an introduction
EDUC101, an introduction

Beyond 100 Level courses:

  • EDUC202 One in Five: Different Developmental Pathways (Semester One)
  • EDUC204 Promoting Child and Adolescent Wellbeing and Health (Semester Two)
  • EDUC206 Studies in the Sociology of Education (Semester Two)
  • EDUC302 Researching Child and Adolescent Development (Semester One)
  • EDUC315 Inclusive Education (Semester Two)
  • EDUC339 Education and Globalisation (Semester One)

Further Study

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programme is designed for students who have completed their BA degree in Education and want a further year of specialised study. A valuable postgraduate degree in its own right, the BA(Hons) also assists students to develop their research skills in preparation for embarking on thesis work for a MA or PhD. 

More Information

Please direct any inquiries to the Programme Co-ordinator for BA (Education), Associate Professor Kathleen Quinlivan, who can be contacted on You could also phone 0800 VARSITY (827 748).